Early prostate Cancer Prognosis

Early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer guarantee 95% cure

Early prostate Cancer Prognosis; The disease is silent and the symptoms will only appear in the advanced stage, with the appearance of urine retention; weak urinary stream; pelvic pain, bleeding in the urine, and difficulty urinating

Men’s health; is one of the actions that make up the Prevention, and Care Policy carried out by the State Department of Health, (SES-MT) and aimed, this November, especially at combating prostate cancer.

Estimates by Inca (National Cancer Institute) indicate that, this year alone, 682,220 new cases of the disease should appear among men across the country, with 1,100 new cases expected in Mato Grosso.

However, prostate cancer diagnosed early represents a 95% chance of cure, emphasizes the oncologist and mastologist at Hospital Estadual Santa Casa, Wilson Garcia Pereira.

To obtain this percentage of cure, it is necessary that the treatment of the disease be started within a maximum period of up to 60 days, from the early diagnosis. Early prostate Cancer Prognosis.

Prostate cancer grows to the size of one centimeter within 15 years; the disease is silent and the symptoms will only appear in the advanced stage, with the emergence of urine retention; weak urinary stream; pelvic pain, bleeding in the urine and difficulty urinating.

The Inca also estimates that, in Brazil, in 2019, more than 14 thousand men are at risk of death due to the disease and for not having sought treatment early.

Around 20% of the incidence will die – evidence that demonstrates the delay, on the part of men, in seeking the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Treatment by SUS

In the Public Health Network, the man can have access to consultation with a general practitioner, with the urologist or even with the family health doctor, which can be found in the PSF (Family Health Program), existing in health units of the municipalities.

At this stage, the doctor may indicate the screening test, blood and rectal examination, which is done by a urologist or family doctor.

Early prostate Cancer Prognosis; In the treatment phase, the patient is assisted by a specialist in oncology or mastology, these professionals may indicate surgery to remove the cancer and treatments based on radiotherapy, with a high cure rate, in addition to hormone therapy.

These treatments are also carried out by the Unified Health System (SUS), and the patient’s regulation is always initiated by the health network of the municipality where he resides.

“The treatments are highly effective, that is, they have a high cure rate, are less mutilating and prevent professional and social incapacity”, emphasizes the specialist.


Prostate cancer is the most common disease in men and affects mainly the elderly, over 65 years. However, INCA recommends that prostate care begins at 40 years of age. Tumor biopsy is what will indicate whether it is cancer or not and this can only be discovered by touch examination of the rectum.

Early prostate Cancer Prognosis; Oncologist Wilson Pereira also reports that 35% of prostate cancer cases are linked to the wrong eating routine, through the consumption of canned and processed fatty foods, which are low in fiber and high in calories and fat.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes contributes to the onset of the disease.

“The food and physical quality is essential to avoid prostate cancer and other diseases, and ensures better living conditions for men”, concludes the doctor. Prostate cancer most common

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